There are millions of websites out there. Here are some others that are useful, interesting or just plain fun.

Businesscardland – Make and print your own business cards using templates available on this site.
Jott – No time to write a note? Don’t have any paper? Call a phone number and have a message emailed or texted to you or your friends.
PriceProtectr – See whether or not that pricey item you just bought is on sale cheaper somewhere else.
TinyURL – Take a long website such as

and turn it into a small one like
LingoZ – A website that’s trying to be the Wikipedia of definitions.
The Sims On Stage – Formerly SingShot, this site is a online social karaoke site without the drunks and smoke.
Splice – Mix your own music from tracks available on the site.
Recipe Matcher – Find recipes for food or mixed drinks based upon ingredients you already have on hand.
Contactify – Don’t want your personal email address on your website? This site allows you to create a contact me box that doesn’t give away anything personal.
Browsing LCSH – Browse through all those strangely-phrased Library of Congress Subject Headings.
I Can Has Cheezburger? – Pictures, mainly of cats, with humorous captions. You could get lost on this site for days.
I Has a Hot Dog! – Don’t like cats? Well, then try this site with lots of pictures of dogs.
A Big List of Sites That Teach You How to Do Stuff РExactly what it sounds like. Links to sites that teach how to do things that are useful or just plain weird.