Random Fun and Interesting Sites

January 16, 2008

There are millions of websites out there. Here are some others that are useful, interesting or just plain fun.

Businesscardland – Make and print your own business cards using templates available on this site.
Jott – No time to write a note? Don’t have any paper? Call a phone number and have a message emailed or texted to you or your friends.
PriceProtectr – See whether or not that pricey item you just bought is on sale cheaper somewhere else.
TinyURL – Take a long website such as

and turn it into a small one like
LingoZ – A website that’s trying to be the Wikipedia of definitions.
The Sims On Stage – Formerly SingShot, this site is a online social karaoke site without the drunks and smoke.
Splice – Mix your own music from tracks available on the site.
Recipe Matcher – Find recipes for food or mixed drinks based upon ingredients you already have on hand.
Contactify – Don’t want your personal email address on your website? This site allows you to create a contact me box that doesn’t give away anything personal.
Browsing LCSH – Browse through all those strangely-phrased Library of Congress Subject Headings.
I Can Has Cheezburger? – Pictures, mainly of cats, with humorous captions. You could get lost on this site for days.
I Has a Hot Dog! – Don’t like cats? Well, then try this site with lots of pictures of dogs.
A Big List of Sites That Teach You How to Do Stuff – Exactly what it sounds like. Links to sites that teach how to do things that are useful or just plain weird.


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